Corcoran Environmental Services

OUR VISION: A World Without Waste

Our Mission

“As a 'Recycling First' company, Corcoran Environmental Services pursues and generates superior value for our clients  through our traditional New England values: Integrity, Innovation, and Initiative.  We believe that all 'waste' may be put to constructive purposes which increase efficiency, create profit, and improve the quality of our environment and our lives.  We are committed to sustainable, comprehensive systems which accomplish this with a maximum of user convenience.  Finally, we actively pursue new means and methods, to ever expand the types of materials our clients are able to recycle and reuse.”

- Corcoran Environmental Services, Mission Statement

One Man's Trash...

Consider an obvious example: a morning paper.  Once most of us are done reading it, it's primary purpose has been completed.  We're done with it, and we seek to dispose of it.  Those of us who have kept rabbits or gerbils or birds as pets have used that paper for bedding.  Many of us who have fireplaces or wood stoves will use it as tinder starter.  Grade school art students will use it for papier-mâché.  People who are moving or shipping fragile things will crumple it up for extra padding.  Oh yeah, and paper mills buy it by the ton.

That's a lot of value for something most of us consider, “trash.”  And newspaper is only the beginning.

At Corcoran Environmental Services, we don't acknowledge the existence of so-called, “trash.”  We don't see it.  Instead, we see material.  Our business is to find uses and markets for that material.  When material is disposed of in a landfill, however, we do agree that this constitutes “waste.”   To us, however, “Waste” means material that could have been used for something and instead was thrown away.  Waste means the loss of potential value. 

…is another's Treasure

As business owners and consumers we want trash gone, every last bit of it, but we understand the need to do so responsibly. At Cocoran Environmental Services we're willing to find ways to make that happen. In fact, we've made a business of it.

So the next time you think about throwing that morning newspaper away remember you can extend its life. What is trash to us can be a mountain of treasure for others. To think, it starts with one paper. Drop us a line and we'd be happy to explore ways in which you could be wasting less.