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Coastal Studies for Girls provides high school sophomores with an opportunity to excel in science and technology in a community defined by academic, experiential and inspirational learning. CSG students engage in scientific inquiry, leadership development, critical thinking and stewardship while developing their educational and career aspirations. CSG strives to create a diverse ethnic, geographical and socioeconomic community for students and staff who celebrate success.


Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation (GOMLF)

Corcoran Environmental Services has partnered with GOMLF, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation, to lead the charge in disposing of derelict fishing gear—or "ghost gear"—recovered from Maine's ocean floor. In collaboration with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, GOMLF was one of fourteen organizations to receive funds through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Gulf of Maine Environmental Compliance & Protection Fund 2009 for a cooperative two-year pilot project to recover, document and properly dispose of derelict fishing gear.

To recover the so-called 'ghost gear', GOMLF contracts with fishermen to drag specially-made grapple gear in certain areas where traps are known to be lost, and where grappling is a viable retrieval method. Ten vessels are hired in each of the seven lobster management zones, working for two days in designated areas. Recovered gear is brought to a central wharf for sorting and processing, where Corcoran Environmental Services arranges transportation and disposal of the equipment, leading to either no cost or even revenue for GOMLF. Information about each trap recovered is recorded, crushed or unusable traps are disposed of, and fishable traps are returned to their owners or stored by Maine Marine Patrol for future reclamation.

The New York Yacht Club initiated a contribution to GOMLF after hearing about the success of the gear retrieval program. Their desire to give back to the lobster industry led to this donation for use in recovering traps in areas where the sailing fleets often hold their regatta. Corcoran Environmental Services applauds Laura Ludwig and the GOMLF and is proud to be part of such an impressive effort.


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